Janet Brof: educational therapist
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Janet Brof

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From the start, Janet Brof was a teacher. As a child, she would gather up playmates to dance to the sound of her mother's piano. At age three, when presented with a toy piano she asked, Where are my pupils?

For half a century pupils have been coming
for her fine-tuned observation and teaching where
they explore and even master prose and poetry writing.
As an educational therapist, she addresses
the needs of students with dyslexia, ADD,
non-verbal learning disability and dysgraphia.

Poet, writer, dancer, she brings to her students
a strong foundation in literature, psychology,
education, dance therapy and poetry writing.
She is a member of the International Dyslexic Association
and the Association of Educational Therapists.
Because of the brain's plasticity, the element of optimism
is central with her; she has witnessed how very often
those who have learning challenges,
will build, with sensitive guidance,
upon their unique gifts.


"Janet Brof has dealt successfully with the most subtle and recalcitrant kinds
of learning disabilities and with the most difficult cases in which others have
failed. I unhesitatingly recommend her."

Carla Horowitz
renowned teacher, International Dyslexia Association honoree

"You taught me the skills to deal with dyslexia in English and even go on to
new languages (Spanish and Russian). Janet, I owe you more than I can say.
My education comes from the tools you taught me and your hard work.
Thanks! I hope you are still a teacher helping kids like me to learn, because it

Jason Holden on graduating college,
referring to work he did at 5 years old