Janet Brof: educational therapist

"Janet Brof has dealt successfully with the most subtle and recalcitrant kinds of learning disabilities and with the most difficult cases in which others have failed. I unhesitatingly recommend her."

Carla Horowitz
renowned teacher, International Dyslexia Association honoree

"You taught me the skills to deal with dyslexia in English and even go on to new languages (Spanish and Russian). Janet, I owe you more than I can say. My education comes from the tools you taught me and your hard work. Thanks! I hope you are still a teacher helping kids like me to learn, because it works."

Jason Holden on graduating college,
referring to work he did at 5 years old

"Janet understood how I was able to learn when I was ten and showed me I was capable of loving to learn. I sent my daughter to her when she was in 4th grade. After about 10 visits she declared, "I am good at math!" Janet does not perform miracles—she is a miracle."

Eliza Nichols
Dean of Arts, Columbia College, Chicago

"Her love of children includes a generous capacity for humor and a wide perspective on learning. Above all, she keeps her eye unflinchingly on the intellect and emotional well being of those under her care."

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Bryan-Brown
parents of a child who came at 8 years old for math enrichment
and later, for help with writing high school English papers

"Never have I known such joy in work as she inspires."

Jean Murray, former Principal
City and Country School

"I wanted to express my deep appreciation for all the help you have given my son. Not only did you strengthen his skills in English, but you also showed caring and compassion that went well beyond the task of a tutor. It is something he will always remember. You have made a difference in this young person's life."

Vasos Pappagapitos, parent

"I was fortunate enough to obtain Janet's name from a colleague who described her as one of the best—she was right. Providing a safe and compassionate ear, Janet helped my client, G, to find her own voice as a writer. Janet clearly understood how vital it is to value G's thinking and to clarify and prioritize her numerous and often disjointed thoughts. I've seen G grow from an unsure and extremely anxious student to an increasingly confident writer who is eager to share her ideas."

Fran Schwartz, family therapist

"With you, I feel safe. I can open up and write."

Daniel Vasquez, Bank Street College
Masters Candidate, Leadership in the Arts

"Every student who has worked with Janet has reported that they have benefited greatly from her tutelage. Janet is a warm and compassionate person, an excellent writer and poet, and a skilled tutor. I highly recommend her."

Rena Rice
Bank Street Graduate School Faculty

"I have spent most of my life believing that it was impossible to learn to read and write...It's a joy to find out I was wrong—just this once."

Charles Kalhofer, Designer